How to use your Affiliate Link

To use your Affiliate Link simply copy and paste the link into emails, social media, or videos, and when buyers click the link, and buy a product or service, you’ll get a commission. Your monthly commissions will automatically show up in your account, and you’ll be able to see them in the chart above.

Important note: By using the Affiliate Link you agree not to use Spam advertising, by any means whatsoever, either email, text, social media messaging, or any other method. If we are notified of misuse we will cancel your Affiliate Link and you will lose any commissions earned as a fee for violating our terms.


We send out payments in excess of $100 at the end of the first week of every month. The payment is made for commissions earned for the prior month.

For example: If you earn (or accumulate) a minimum of $100 this month, you’ll receive the money at the end of the first week of next month.

Payouts will be sent to you via PayPal. Your email address listed in your account will be used to send your payouts to PayPal. To avoid delays, please make sure your email address matches your PayPal email. If your email address is incorrect and we send it to the wrong PayPal account, the money may be lost. If the account holder does not return it, and we can’t recover it, you may lose the commissions.

Important note: We’re not responsible for lost monies if your account email does not match your PayPal account.

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