Can you advise me about which template I need?

No. We can’t advise you about anything regarding your capital raise. It’s considered the unauthorized practice of law if anyone advises you about legal issues regarding your business. Raising capital using a SEC federal rule exemption is a legal issue. This includes giving you advise about which documents you need for your particular situation. If you’re unsure about which documents you need, you should seek the advise of a licensed attorney who specializes in securities law. We have provided a State by State Attorney List to help you find a qualified local PPM Lawyer. You can also contact the SEC and/or your state regulator’s office to get more information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards, ApplePay and GooglePay. Our payment processor is Stripe®. We chose Stripe® due to their secure systems. We never store your payment information internally. If you choose to keep your payment information for your next purchase it’s stored with Stripe®. Your credit card statement will show the charge from ‘PPM DOCS,’ or ‘Beach Turnkeys,’ on your PayPal™ statement.

If I buy a template when can I download it?

You can download your template immediately following your successful payment processing. You will receive an email receipt. Upon your successful payment you can login to the ‘My Account‘ link at the top and then go to ‘Downloads.’ If your purchased item isn’t available for download please contact us asap so we can rectify the problem and get you your template documents.

Can I change my password?

Yes. You can change your password and other profile information by going to ‘My Account’ and then to ‘Account Details.’

Can I advertise on your website?

Yes. In addition to our ad spaces here on PPM Docs™, we’re also part of the Beach Turnkeys Network. When you see an ad space you’d like to advertise on click the ‘Advertise Here’ link under the ad.

Do you accept referral compensation from attorneys?

No. We absolutely never accept payment for referring business owners to attorneys. Attorneys pay for advertising on our website, so you can rest assured we will never take any kind of referral payment.

How can I file a Form D? 

For a run-down on filing a Form D with the SEC and State regulators, see our page called “Form D Filings.” Remember, along with filing the Form D with the SEC, you’ll also need to file with the State(s) where your investors reside. You can file individually in each State, or you can choose to use NASAA’s ‘Electronic Filing Depository,’ a.k.a. EFD. The SEC does not charge a fee for filing a Form D on EDGAR; however, most States charge a fee. The EFD system mentioned above lays out each State’s fee, however, not all States adhere to the EFD. You’ll most likely need to sign up for the EFD and check to see if your States are included, and if not, the excluded States will need to be filed individually. You can access a list of State Regulatory Agencies on our ‘State Regulators List.’

How should I choose an attorney?

Although we can’t refer a specific attorney, we can recommend that you hire someone who has ample experience in SEC law, with particularity, writing prospectuses and PPM’s. This is a specialized area and it requires a unique skillset to understand such a broad scope of law. These types of lawyers typically have strong connections to groups of investors, and if they prepare your documents, they may introduce you to their network, if they’re impressed. Hence, their fee is usually higher than some less experienced attorneys, or discount legal houses.

Can I get a list of all Form D’s that are filed at the SEC?

Yes. Visit this website: FormDs.com. This is a current running list of all Form D’s being filed at the SEC.

How can I configure stock dilution per share and the dilution ratio?

Another important disclosure is ‘equity dilution.’ You’ll want to explain how current and future shareholders may be diluted by the current offering, and by possible subsequent offerings. We have a Dilution Calculator to help with these configurations.

How can I configure ownership percentages before, and after, my stock offering?

It’s always best to disclose the ownership percentages of pre and post offering shareholders. We have an Ownership Percentage Calculator to help you configure this disclosure.

Can I send the PPM to investors without sending the Subscription Package?

Yes. Many attorneys and investment bankers will send the PPM without the Subscription Package, so they can answer questions, or pre-screen the investor on their accreditation status. That said, there are many lawyers and bankers who send the entire package, upfront. It’s personal preference.

*Our FAQ is provided for general knowledge regarding private placement memorandums and the SEC’s Regulation D. 

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