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Who is Raising Capital?

Whether you’re a business owner investigating Regulation D to raise capital, or an attorney looking for potential clients, you should be asking the question: “Who is raising capital?”

If you’d like to take a peek at all the companies raising capital, using Regulation D, look no further. We have a link to the actual Form D List. The list is an ongoing current database of literally every Form D filed with the SEC’s EDGAR website. Keep in mind that not every company files their Form D before going out to investors. Some businesses opt to file within the 15 day window ‘after’ receiving capital. So, there’s more companies raising capital than are on this massive list.

What types of companies use Reg D?

There are literally thousands of companies using Regulation D to raise capital from private investors. Any company can do it! There is no limitation on the type of company that can use Regulation D to raise capital. Moreover, there is also no stipulation that a business owner must use an attorney, or a CPA, to raise capital using this regulation.

Is a PPM required?

There’s ongoing debate amongst attorneys whether a PPM is required, or not. However, Regulation D mandates certain risk disclosures. A PPM is the universal vehicle for disclosing the risks. Nearly every legal expert requires their clients to deliver a PPM, and then a separate Subscription Agreement.

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