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Choosing a PPM

Choosing the right PPM Template will help keep you on track while you’re designing your capital raise.

There are several steps you can take to choose the right template.

  1. Choose the type of legal entity, e.g., Corporation, LLC, LP, etc;
  2. Determine what kind of investment you plan to offer (equity, debt promissory notes, etc.);
  3. Choose a Reg D Rule you plan to use, e.g., Rule 504, 506(b) or 506(c);
  4. Visit our store and purchase your template;
  5. Go to ‘My Account’ and download your template;
  6. Unzip your .zip file;
  7. Click on your PPM file and start entering your information.

* If you’re unsure about this process you should consult with an attorney prior to purchasing.